Hilarity for Charity

The Sigma Kappa sorority chapter put on a philanthropy event last week that featured a number of local comedians and musicians. The event was named Hilarity for Charity and it was held in the CUB Auditorium. Proceeds from the show went to Alzheimer’s research.

The premise of the variety show was inspired by a show put on by actor/comedian Seth Rogan and actress Lauren Miller. The original Hilarity for Charity event was held in Jan. 2012 with the goal of raising Alzheimer’s awareness among the younger generation.

Many of the WSU Sigma Kappa chapter’s national philanthropic events pertain to Alzheimer’s awareness, which is why the Sigma Kappa Philanthropy Chair Giuliana Plut said utilizing the Hilarity for Charity variety show model made sense. The performers in the event included singer Chelsea Felton, comedian Jake Rummel (me, the Palouse Live contributor), guitarist and singer Garrett Knight and comedian Miles Hendrix.

Plut hosted the event, and transitions were smooth even though comedy and music can sometimes be a difficult shift for performers to make in a live show context. “The show went really well, they were well organized,” Hendrix said. “All the acts were interesting. The audience was really into it and receptive.”

The event had an attendance of about 150 students, many of them affiliated with a Greek chapter. Plut said backstage during the event there were a couple concerts on campus the same night, so there was some unforeseen competition when it came to live entertainment. Fortunately, the audience that did attend was engaged and forgiving which is often more important than size when it comes to the success of live performance.

The atmosphere of a philanthropy event is certainly considerably different than that of a comedy club; however, Hendrix said his preparation doesn’t really change much. ““I just approach each show like what can I say, what can I not say, and go there and have fun,” Hendrix said. “I try to open with something unique to the moment everywhere.”

Philanthropy events like this are really a win-win for Greek chapters, they raise money for quality causes and they also improve reputations. Audience member and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority member Sarah Marchitto said philanthropy events, especially ones held on campus like Hilarity for Charity, help fight negative stereotypes often associated with the Greek community. “I think it shows how much the Greek community cares and contributes to philanthropies like Alzheimer’s research,” Marchitto said.

Coug Spotlight Open Mic Competition Preview

Think you have what it takes to perform in front of your peers in the heart of campus? If your answer is yes look no further than the Coug Spotlight Open Mic Competition on Wednesday, Feb. 5th at 3:30 p.m. in the CUB Lair.

The Open Mic Competition is sponsored by the Student Entertainment Board’s Spotlight Committee and is a three-round competition that goes through April. The top three performers from February and March go into the final round in April for a chance to win a $100 cash prize. Winners of the competition are determined by the audience with a text poll.

“I encourage participants to invite all their friends to the competition because the votes are determined by a text poll and the more people you invite gives you a better chance to win,” said SEB Spotlight Programmer Liz Lin.

The Open Mic Competitions in the past have brought a plethora of talent from singers to comedians to poetry acts.

“I’ve been to a couple Open Mic Competitions in the past to support friends and have seen some people that can really sing and have talent,” said Sophomore Makeda Eyasu. “But I’ve also seen some performers that I just didn’t enjoy like a guy who was dancing to heavy metal but I mean to each their own.”

The great thing about the Open Mic Competition is that it showcases such a variety amount of talent that’s on the Washington State University campus. It gives students that not only want to compete a chance to show their talent but first time performers a chance as well. If interested in performing contact seb.spotlight@wsu.edu and include name of members and expected equipment.

The goal of the Spotlight Committee is to give students at WSU a platform where they can have a chance to perform in front of a diverse amount of students.  Members of the committee gain experience with event planning, promotions, recruiting, and hosting. Other than the Open Mic Competitions the Spotlight Committee plans intimate concerts, Poetry Slams, Acoustic Battle of the Bands, and more. If interested in getting involved applications are available in CUB 304 or online at orgsync.com/38440/forms/78325

Juicy J Preview

Student Entertainment Board (SEB) at Washington State University never seems to disappoint their hip-hop fans. On Saturday, Feb. 1, in the Compton Union Building (CUB) Senior Ballroom, SEB is hosting one of the hottest hip-hop names in the game, with a live performance. Jordan Michael Houston, more commonly known by his rapper name, Juicy J, is bringing his southern style, club banging, bass heavy, beats to the Palouse.

The rolling hills of the Palouse are no stranger to a rapper of this caliber. Pullman has played host to numerous live performances for some of the world’s most popular hip-hop artists. Names such as Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Ludacris, Mac Miller and ASAP Rocky, have made their way to Pullman to share their music with the loyal Pullman hip hop crowd.

Let it be known that Juicy J is no rookie to the hip-hop scene. The rapper has racked up an impressive “rap” sheet during his 20 years of making music, including multiple Grammy nominations, an Academy Award and numerous features on some of the hottest hip-hop tracks.

Most recently, the music veteran rocked the stage at the 2014 Grammy Award Show. Juicy J and fellow artist, Katy Perry, performed “Dark Horse,” the number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Juicy J’s presence in Pullman has created a buzz around town. Students have already begun listening his music to get ready for the concert.  You can hear old Juicy J singles and old Three 6 Mafia albums blaring from houses along Greek Row on the weekends.

With the popularity of this concert, tickets are going fast. Victor King, a Washington State University student and Juicy J fan, waited in line at 7:30 a.m. for the ticket office to open at 8:00 a.m. “This is going to be a dope concert,” said King while standing in line, “you hear his music all the time at the bars, so to see it live will be awesome.”

For all of those hip-hop fans this is a must see performance. Juicy J will be performing songs from his new hit album, “Stay Trippy” along with his other popular songs. Doors to the CUB Senior Ballroom open at 6 pm, Sat., Feb 1. Tickets can be purchased at the Cougar Card Center in the CUB and online at ticketswest.com. Prices will be $25 for students with valid Cougar Cards and $30 to the public.